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What To Wear

We'd love to have you visit us for Sunday Worship. Folks dress in all sorts of ways - some dress up a bit, some dress more casually; you are warmly welcome whatever your attire.  Please feel free to wear what makes you comfortable. When you arrive you'll be welcomed by a friendly greeter who will hand you a bulletin which will guide you through the worship service.



Children are welcome in our worship services. If necessary you may take your child into the foyer of the sanctuary where you can still hear the service. 


What We Do

Our weekly liturgy (the outline and structure of our worship service) follows the structure of the gospel message. This means that we gather each week to be shaped by, and to respond to, the gospel (literally the "good news"): God welcomes repentant sinners through Jesus Christ.

So we begin as God calls us into His presence, and we respond with praise through singing and prayer. Our music is a mix of traditional hymns and contemporary songs since we strive to stay connected to the church's ancient worship while also celebrating the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit through the people of God.

We then humbly confess our sins and receive His assurance of pardon through Jesus' work on our behalf. That leads us to express our gratitude for His grace through singing and giving.

Our members are encouraged to support the work of the church through their tithes and offerings.

We then hear God speak as a sermon is preached, explaining and applying a passage from the Bible. We sing in response to God's grace and are sent out into the world with God's benediction, or blessing.

Once a month, on the first Sunday, we also celebrate the Lord's Supper together. If you have publicly professed your trust in Jesus alone and have joined yourself to a church that proclaims the gospel, you are warmly welcomed to join us in this meal. If you aren't sure whether you are a Christian, or you know yourself not to be, simply let the bread and the cup pass you by.


You are our guest, and we're glad you're here! You are welcome to participate in the service to whatever extent your comfort and convictions will allow. We typically enjoy BRUNCH together every third Sunday of the month and we'd love to have you join us in the Fellowship Hall as our guest!