Corporate Worship #3

At the heart of our lives as Christians lies our weekly gathering for worship as the covenant people of God.  We gather in the name of Jesus to meet with God, to receive and be renewed by His grace and gifts, to render to Him praise, adoration, and thanks, to commune with Him and to share in His life together as the family of God - brothers and sisters in Jesus, to hear His Word and eat and drink with Him at His table, and then to be sent out equipped and empowered by His Spirit for His mission and ministry in our community and callings.  His grace undergirds every aspect of our worship; His glory and our good is the end of all worship.  He is exalted, we are edified, and those who do not know God are evangelized as they hear the gospel and behold the authentic worship of God.

"...seeing what God is worth and giving him what he's worth." - Rev. Tim Keller

"Public worship occurs when the people of God assemble for the express purpose of giving to the Lord the glory due His name and enjoying the joy of His promised special presence with His own people." - Rev. Ligon Duncan

"The content of worship comes from the Bible, the goal of worship is to give praise to God, and the basis for worship is the saving work of Jesus Christ.  Put more simply, true Christian worship is Word-communicating, God-glorifying, and Christ-confessing." - Philip Graham Ryken

"Worship in the Bible is the due response of rational creatures to the self-revelation of their Creator. It is an honoring and glorifying of God by gratefully offering back to him all the good gifts, and all the knowledge of his greatness and graciousness, that he has given. It involves praising him for what he is, thanking him for what he has done, desiring him to get himself more glory by further acts of mercy, judgment, and power, and trusting him..." - J.I. Packer