Winter/Spring 2024 Adult Sunday School


Make plans to join us for our next adult Sunday school class kicking off January 28.  The class will be entitled, Following Jesus, and in it we will explore what it means to be Jesus' disciples in our day and time.  To aid us in our spiritual growth in this area and benefit us in our discussions, we'll be utilizing James Montgomery Boice's excellent book on this topic: Christ's Call to Discipleship.  In it, Boice traces out the meaning, paths, costs, and rewards of being Christ's disciples.  In our class, we will discuss subjects such as Jesus's call to take up His cross and follow Him, obedience, service, humility, counting the cost of following Jesus, persecutions, the blessings of following Jesus, imitation of Christ, and the Lordship of Jesus and its implications for us. We hope you will be a part of this blessed time of learning, growth, and fellowship with one another!